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PCDU Contributing to Ryan Campbell’s Teen World Flight

Ryan Campbell's Teen World Flight Logo

As we mentioned in Episode 108, we’re going to help Ryan Campbell’s Teen World Flight by joining his “500 Club.” This involves making a donation of $500 towards Teen World Flight which then gets your name (or requested text) put on Ryan’s aircraft for the trip.

PCDU are contributing $250 towards the $500 and have asked our audience to provide the rest, allowing us to have “Plane Crazy Down Under and our fantastic audience” written on the aircraft (exact wording still to be determined). Suffice to say, responses have been quick and wonderful as we’ve actually exceeded the $500 amount thanks to our audience.

We have currently raised $550 for Ryan and will be having a formal presentation when Ryan’s next in Melbourne. If any other amounts come in, we’ll pass them on as they arrive. It’s not too late for you to help a great project by using our “Donate” button & putting “Teen World Flight” in the comment text.

The list of people who have helped us get to this amount includes:

  • Peter Baxter
  • Nick Christiansen
  • Gary Clarkson
  • Chris Fenelon
  • Peter Gossner
  • Brian Grinter
  • Ben Jones
  • Gareth Little-Hales
  • Evan Schoo
  • Andrew Van Der Saag
  • Doug Worrall

Thanks so much to all who have chipped in & helped us make this possible.

Our Avalon 2013 Coverage

Our latest Avalon 2013 Video


Our latest Avalon 2013 Audio Episode

Avalon 2013 – Globemaster Central

  • RAAF C17 pilot FLTLT Dirk Taylor on flying the C17
  • RAAF C17 techo Sgt David Everett on maintaining the C17
  • RAAF Loadmaster WOFF Paul Lemarshall walks us through the cargo hold
  • USAF Capt Brian Carron on interoperability between USAF & RAAF C17s

Click here to play our C17 Globemaster episode


Meanwhile, here’s a little bit of fun :)


You can find our full Avalon 2013 coverage on our Avalon 2013 Coverage goodies page.

Woo Hoo! We’ve hit 100 Episodes! Who Knew??? :)

Our 100th Episode – a Ton of great content

It’s taken us a while to get to Episode 100 since our first show went live WAY back in July 2009 but here we are! Woo hoo! Go us! :)

For this episode we’ve resisted the temptation to do a retrospective or rehash earlier content (except for a bit at the start & the end of the episode :) ). Instead, we’ve got an interview with Peter Meehan which includes some information about Avalon 2013, a chat with Matt Hall about a big event he’s organising (and an update on the RedBull AirRace) and Damien Rose discusses his recent Biennial Flight Review (BFR), now known as an Aeroplane Flight Review (AFR).

Of course there’s more to the show than just that, but you’ll have to listen to it to find out what that might be (or read the Episode 100 show notes :) )


Click here to go to the show notes & play the episode

Advertise with PCDU during Avalon 2013

Plane Crazy Down Under will be presenting comprehensive coverage of this year’s Australian International Air Show, showcasing the products, services and personalities of this unique event

Advertising slots are available now for our daily audio and video editions

Our Avalon advertising package is competitively priced and includes:

  1. Displaying your logo along with our other advertisers on a splash screen at the start of all Avalon 2013 video content we produce. At the end of each video we will also have each advertiser’s logo, company name & tag line displayed one after the other as part of the closing credits.
  2. Reference to your company at the start of each Avalon 2013 audio episode we produce (eg: “Our Avalon 2013 content has been brought to you by … “) along with a brief spoken word promotion of your company during the audio episode that includes your company name & tag line.
  3. Inclusion of your banner advert in high rotation on our web sites.

Our special event coverage episodes & videos typically attract significantly higher download number than regular content.  Advertising on PCDU gives you the chance to promote your business directly to an aviation focused audience.

For pricing inquiries and further information:

Call Grant on +61 422 914 949


Email us at comms@southernskiesmedia.com.au today!

Farewell 2012

Dan O'Donnell & Grant getting ready to go fly Matt Hall's Extra 300As 2012 draws to a close come & spend a bit of time with Steve, Grant, Bas & ATC Ben as they wrap up the year with some new content, some discussions and a bit of fun. It’s another long episode but we think it’s a pretty good way to send out the year :)

Check out Episode 98: Farewell 2012 for discussions about the recent administrative groundings of RA-Aus aicraft, interviews with skydivers, a chat with Dan O’Donnell (RAAF F18 pilot) and even a brand new “The View From The Lounge” segment by Anthony Simmons.


Click here to go to the show notes & play the episode

747 ‘Likes’ and a Reward

An auspicious number

Most of us have a special appreciation for the Boeing 747 (often referred to as the “Queen of the Skies”) so we were rather amused to discover that our Facebook page is currently “liked” by 747 people. Neat! :)

Don’t forget that our 750th “Liker” is going to get a PCDU cap sent out to them while at the same time, we’re going to give away a free “Trial Introductory Flight” with Aus Air Services at Tooradin to a random Australian from amongst all our fans. We’d offer it to all of you but there’s not much point unless you can get down here to Melbourne to claim it, right? :)

So thanks to everyone who’s “liking” our Facebook page. It’s a great place to find out what we’re up to and what aviation news items from down under have caught our eye.

A 747-400ER doing a run up at Avalon

Fighter Pilot: Mis-Adventures Beyond the Sound Barrier with “Serge,” an Australian Top Gun

Check out “Serge’s” book, it’s great

Episode 96 has been released and it features a long chat we recorded with ‘Mac “Serge” Tucker’ about his career as an F18 pilot with the RAAF, his book “Fighter Pilot” and his views on drones & the future of air combat.

There’s lots of great content in this chat including some that’s funny, some that’s contentious and more than a few items that may make you stop & think. Check out the episode and then go out & pick up a copy of Serge’s book “Fighter Pilot”.

Click here to go to the show notes & play the episode

Going North (with help from our friends :)

Introducing Damien Rose

Episode 95: Northern Exposure has been released at last! With so many chats & interviews from Oshkosh 2012 (& 2011 :) plus the introduction of a new Team PCDU member, it was a huge effort for Steve to edit it. Heck, even Grant had a lot to do when writing up the show notes.

In this episode, we tag along with ATC_Ben on his visit to Oshkosh 2012, discussing his journey there & listening to a few of the interviews he recorded (yes, we’re still jealous we couldn’t get there!). We then introduce long-time listener Damien Rose who’s joining us as our Queensland correspondent & lives about 2,000km north of PCDU HQ. Finally, we play a few of the interviews Steve & Grant recorded at Oshkosh 2011 to help us feel a bit better about not being there this year (nope, still jealous! :)

Click here to go to the show notes & play the episode

AusFly Review and Gordon Rich-Phillips

PCDU Narrating at AusFly

PCDU Narrating at AusFly

Episode 94: AusFly “Together Under One Sky” is out and it features our review of AusFly, some of our AusFly interviews and our interview with Gordon Rich-Phillips, the Victorian state minister for the Aviation Industry (among other portfolios :)

Hopefully it won’t be a month before we have our next episode out for you.

Click here to go to the show notes & play the episode.

AusFly: What a Fantastic Event

We had a fantastic time at AusFly over the 14th to 16th of September at Narromine Airport. Our AusFly Radio was played live over the PA system and livestreamed to the Internet thanks to LiveATC.net and our Shoutcast feed.

Congratulations to all the organisers & volunteers from the SAAA who helped make it happen, along with the sponsors, exhibitors & display pilots plus all the people who showed up to attend the event. With over 300 aircraft pre-registered it was estimated that over 400 aircraft flew in. The aero club produced over 500 meals on the Friday night in addition to the pizza guy selling out & the burger n chips cart doing a roaring trade. Fantastic!

Now the planning starts for next year’s event. Bring it on!