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PCDU Episode 32: Switch to Plan Delta

This episode features a discussion with Peter Gibson, the manager of corporate communications at CASA. He’s joined us to explain the airspace changes that will come into effect on June 3rd, changes which will impact Class D, see the transition of GAAP to Class D and introduce the mandatory carriage of radios at all certified, registered or military non-towered aerodromes (plus any others as designated in the ERSA).

We also talk to Owen Zupp just before he departed on his There and Back trip around Australia as well as Tim Pryse and Ken Evers a few days prior to the start of their Millions Against Malaria trip around the world. We feature another “View from the Lounge” and introduce ATC_Ben‘s new “Controllers Corner” segment.

As we wind up the show, we discuss the Australian Capital Territory funding yet another feasibility study for a much needed secondary airport near Canberra. You can read more about it in an news entry from Australian Aviation and also follow up progress through the Canberra Region Aviators Association web site.

If you want to see a 737-200 land at Jandakot (Perth’s secondary airport), check out the video of the landing that Ed Stubbs pointed us at. Not bad.

Just in time to make our cut off for this episode, we had a quick chat with Owen as he was half way around his trip. A great update on his progress and how things have been going.

2 comments to PCDU Episode 32: Switch to Plan Delta

  • Mike

    Just listened to this episode today. Well done for the sheer variety (and quality of your presentations these days. It’s getting so slick down there, you’re be rivaling the Gulf of Mexico and the environmentalists will be after you.)

    But geez, if Anthony has so many gripes about flying, he should stay at home. You say he has five more pieces ready to go. I hope for goodness sake they are a bit more positive than this one or I’ll have to shoot my ipod. I agree with you Steve, flying is great fun and something to look forward to for sure.

    Keep up the good work guys.

    Cheers, Mike

  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the great comments and wow, I certainly hope we don’t get the environmentalists after us. I’m not too keen on the idea of some of them turning up chained to my nose wheel like they did recently in the UK :)

    As to Anthony, yes, he was a bit grumpy there but I’m told by Steve that the next one is going to be quite different (he’s apparently “got up on the right side of the bed” this time :)

    Glad you’re enjoying the show.



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