It’s big news down under as Bas Scheffers, CEO of OzRunways, joins us to announce that Boeing have purchased the company. It’s a massive validation of the efforts put in by the OzRunways team over the past 10+ years and provides the opportunity for the OzRunways, ForeFlight and Jeppesen teams to work close together to help improve their respective products.

In this exclusive interview, Bas talks about the history of OzRunways’ interactions with ForeFlight, confirms for us that OzRunways will continue and not be subsumed into ForeFlight, and answer’s the question of whether VH-EFB could be transferred to a new aircraft,

We’ve known Bas for many years and have worked and socialised with him, Rowan and the OzRunways team since they started. It’s a fantastic step forward for the product and the company, so we’re looking forward to seeing how this progresses over the coming years.