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Vote for us in the Cast Away Podcast Awards!

The team at the Cast Away Podcast Awards have recognised that there’s a lot of great content being produced in Australia so they are holding the first ever Australian podcasting awards event. PCDU has been included in the Industry Focus section and we have a number of other great shows that we’re up against.

We’re also in the Popular Vote section (the Peoples’ Choice) where the public gets to vote for their favourite shows. This is your chance to help demonstrate that you’re a fan of PCDU by heading over to the page, setting up an account (annoying but easy to do) and voting for us. You don’t have to be in Australia to vote and every vote helps so the more we get, the more we’re likely to step up our episode production rate :)

Steve’s planning to attend the awards ceremony in Sydney on April 1st (no, really, that’s the date :) ) so expect a report from him in the near future on the event.

Remember folks, as our friends in Chicago like to tell us: vote early & vote often :)

Click here to vote for PCDU

747 ‘Likes’ and a Reward

An auspicious number

Most of us have a special appreciation for the Boeing 747 (often referred to as the “Queen of the Skies”) so we were rather amused to discover that our Facebook page is currently “liked” by 747 people. Neat! :)

Don’t forget that our 750th “Liker” is going to get a PCDU cap sent out to them while at the same time, we’re going to give away a free “Trial Introductory Flight” with Aus Air Services at Tooradin to a random Australian from amongst all our fans. We’d offer it to all of you but there’s not much point unless you can get down here to Melbourne to claim it, right? :)

So thanks to everyone who’s “liking” our Facebook page. It’s a great place to find out what we’re up to and what aviation news items from down under have caught our eye.

A 747-400ER doing a run up at Avalon

Flight City B777 Simulator Session – We Have a Winner

Thanks to the folks at Flight City Simulation Centre in Perth, we have been able to give away a one hour flight session in their Boeing 777 simulator to give away, valued at $275. Of the many people who correctly recognised that the airline jingle belonged to “Australian Airlines,” Graham Neal was the lucky winner.

Congratulations to Graham and also to David Mitchell & Greg Spencer who were our “runners up” winning a PCDU T-Shirt each.

Thanks to all of you who entered, even those of you who had incorrect answers. We’re working to bring in more prizes for future episodes so watch this space :)

Competition: 777 Flight Simulator Session

Thanks to the folks at Flight City Simulation Centre in Perth, we have a one hour flight session in their Boeing 777 simulator to give away, valued at $275. All you have to do to win is listen to PCDU Episode 45 where we play a jingle that belonged to an Airline over here.

Have a listen to the jingle and then email us with your answer (even if it may be wrong :). We’ll draw the winner live on uStream and also announce them in a future episode.