Daily Quick Casts

We produced a “Quick Cast” episode on each day of the airshow. These episodes included our comments about what we had been doing along with some interviews that we recorded on site.

March 1st: Day 1:

  • Brendan Nelson – past Defence Minister
  • Mark Robinson & Martin Hoffensetz from SAAB – Remote Tower system
  • Peter Dow from TVSA Pilot Training – Flight Camp & VET FEE-HELP system
  • Timbo’s Tarmac & Through the Keyhole with Papa Smurf segments

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March 2nd: Day 2:

  • RAAF Heron operators
  • Lockheed Martin’s ISR flying testbed aircraft
  • Timbo’s Tarmac

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March 3rd: Day 3:

  • Matt Hall
  • USAF F22 Raptor pilot & maintainer
  • Timbo’s Tarmac & In the Keyhole with Papa Smurf segments

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March 4th: Day 4:

  • B1B crew
  • RAAF Hot Air Balloon pilot
  • Owen Zupp
  • Squadron Leader Louise Burr
  • Timbo’s Tarmac & In the Keyhole with Papa Smurf tarmac reports

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March 5th: Day 5:

  • SQDN LDR Matt Harper, RAAF F22 Pilot
  • David Wheatland & the GA8 Airvan
  • Flight Lieutenant Skye Smith
  • Timbo’s Tarmac & Taffy covers the keyhole for Papa Smurf

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March 6th: Day 6:

  • Paul Simmons, CA27 Sabre pilot
  • Nikolay Timofeev, world champion aerobatics pilot
  • A view from the B52’s Lounge
  • Kent Pietsch & Chris Williams from the Jelly Belly team
  • Colonel Seth Bretscher, USAF
  • Ian Honnery
  • Ed Stubbs
  • The final Timbo’s Tarmac & In the Keyhole with Papa Smurf tarmac reports

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The production of these Avalon Quick Cast episodes was sponsored by Aviation Advertiser and supported by Red Baron and Temby Automotive.

Our daily video summaries were produced by Steven Pam.


Plane Crazy Down Under's Avalon 2011 photoset Plane Crazy Down Under’s Avalon 2011 photoset

Daily Video Summaries

On the first five days of the show, we produced a short daily summary video showing a summary of our experiences that day along with clips from some of the video captured during the day.

Day 1 Video Summary:

Day 2 Video Summary:

Day 3 Video Summary:

Day 4 Video Summary:

Day 5 Video Summary:

Post Avalon Episodes

We had so much content gathered during Avalon 2011 that we had to carry most of it over into subsequent episodes, including:

  • Episode 60: Now the Party’s Over – A collection of trade-show related content, including:
    • Dan Schroter & Paul Cooke from BAe Systems discuss their work in Australia and the Q-Sight system
    • Walter Kreitler & Mike Fuqua from Northrop Grumman tell us about the BAMS UAS program and the MQ-8B Fire Scout
    • Paul Levett from Levett Engineering talks about producing components for the F35 JSF’s F135 engine
  • Episode 61: The Great Pilgrimage – In addition to content recorded at the RAAF Pilgrimage, we include some warbird content from Avalon, including:
    • Kenny Love, CEO of the Temora Aviation Museum talks about the philosophy of the museum
    • Darren “Buster” Crabb talks about flying the Gloster Meteor
    • Gus Lerrard talks about his restored Hawker (Sea) Fury aircraft
  • Episode 62: Advertising Advocacy – Includes the following Avalon content:
    • RAAF Wedgetail AEW&C crew
    • Some quick chats with RA-Aus pilots:
      • Peter Harlow from Foxbat Australia
      • John Callahan with his Typhoon Glider
      • Peter Kane with his Kitfox
  • Episode 64: Dick Smith – Setting it Straight – Includes the following Avalon content:
    • FLT LT Pete Komar, an F-18F Super Hornet pilot with the RAAF
    • BAe Hawk Mk127 techo LAC Brian Dick
    • Pilot Officer Emmanuel “Muz” Murray talks about flying the BAe Hawk Mk127
    • SGT Kerry Dimar who works in logistics with the BAe Hawk Mk127

Avalon Videos

The following videos were released after the show:

Lockheed Martin’s “Dragon Star” Testbed Aircraft:

Interview with race pilot Matt Hall:

Piaggio P.180 Avanti II cockpit interview: