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PCDU Episode 20: A Tribute to Pip Borman

Pip Borman in his Edge 540 (Image from JustLean on Flickr)

(Image from JustLearn on Flickr)

As part of the recent Show us ya Wheels event in Numurkah the PCDU team attended a memorial tribute dinner for Pip Borman, a famous Australian aerobatics pilot from Shepparton who died in a crash during a photo shoot flight. The presentations at the dinner included speeches from David Fertel at Castrol and Julian Frazier from QBE Insurance along with a keynote presentation from Matt Hall, Australia’s only Red Bull Air Race pilot.

There is a video clip of Pip Borman flying the Pitts Samson on YouTube that is well worth watching. The Samson is a radial powered aerobatic biplane (truely a “muscle plane”) and the video gives you an idea of what it is capable of. It was shot at Shepparton airport (YSHT) only a week before Pip crashed in it.

We were fortunate to be allowed to record the speaches and have been given permission to include them in the episode. It was a great night and we’re glad that we are able to bring you along for part of it.

4 comments to PCDU Episode 20: A Tribute to Pip Borman

  • Benn

    So, when you guys gonna bite the bullet and just interview Steve Creedy on the show?

  • Hi Guys

    Well done …. that all came across really well :)

    Hope to catch you again some time, sorry i couldnt spend some more time with u both, was just a little busy !!!
    Keep an eye on our website and we will see if we can book Matt again for some more Aerobatics next year :)

    All the best and good luck

  • Benn: He is on our list of people to approach for an interview, even though we’ve got lots more sources of news these days

    Adrian: Thanks and totally understood re: being busy. We’re definitely keen to come back next year.

  • Benn: Finding a contact point for Mr Creedy is on our 2010 “to do” list for sure. He has some great contacts, and generates great stories, which is why we reference his work as often as we do.
    We just hope he’s receptive to the idea of podcasting – many “traditional” media types are not.

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