Video 001: Steve’s Flight in JetRide’s L39

Here’s a quick teaser video of Steve’s flight in JetRide’s L39 down at Tooradin airport recently. We’re still working on the full “Adventure Flights” video so this one’s a bit of a teaser and a test of putting videos in our feed.

Let us know how it works for you. Do you want videos in the feed or a separate feed for video entries?

You can find photos from the flight on our Flickr Collection, a bit of a write-up in our Talk to Me, Goose post and see lots of comments about the flight on our Facebook Page.

4 comments to Video 001: Steve’s Flight in JetRide’s L39

  • Alex

    Hi Fellas,
    I can’t get it to play at all, all I get is the Quick player Logo, even in the pop up window. I know in China we can’t plau You Tube videos at all. I watch Loop TV aero if that helps you understand the problem on my end
    Alex in Hot and Humid China!!

  • Doesn’t work for me either. I see the player, and get maybe the first half frame of an image, and sometimes the first half second or so of audio, but it doesn’t play (neither the page embedded version or the “play in popup” works for me).
    (I’m using Linux/Ubuntu 10.04 OS)

    I downloaded the MP4 file, which works fine, so it is just a problem with the inline feeding mechanism, I guess.

  • VERY cool vid, by the way. 30 minute flight edits down to 5 minutes when you take out all the “wahoos!”, “g-grunts” and “foreign language comments”?

    I’d be interested to know how noisy it was (engine noise, air noise)… don’t really get a sense of that from the video.

  • It was actually pretty quiet in the cockpit ad far as I was concerned – but then again, I had the helmet on which probably helped.

    We’ll have a longer version of the video out some time soon, so you can translate come of those comments for yourself – mostly they were the g-grunts though.

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