PCDU Episode 59: Avalon Not-So Quick Cast #6

We’ve made it to the end of day 6 of the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition (aka Avalon 2011). It’s the final day of the airshow and once again Team PCDU have been flat out interviewing, editing and generally having fun. We’ve spent some time chatting with the crew of a KC-135 inside their aircraft, interviewed a number of acts, caught up with the Temora Aviation Museum crew and generally had a great time.

We’re also acknowledging that these daily episodes should have been called “Daily Avalon Updates” or anything other than “Quick Casts.” To really confirm that, we’ve put quite a lot of content in this episode, including:

  • Grant’s chat with Paul Simmons recorded while sitting on the wing of the CA27 Sabre
  • Nikolay Timofeev talks about flying aerobatics in his Sukhoi 26
  • Anthony Simmons presents a short View from the B52’s Lounge
  • Kent Pietsch talks to us about flying the “Jelly Belly” Cadet & his various routines while Chris Williams from the same team talks about driving the mobile landing-platform vehicle
  • Being updated by Colonel Seth Bretscher on the amount of work involved in getting so many USAF & USN aircraft & airmen down to Avalon (and why there was no B2 & the F22s didn’t fly)
  • An update from Ian Honnery on how the airshow is going so far
  • A quick chat with Ed Stubbs, a listener from Perth who came over to Avalon for the show
  • The final tarmac updates from Timbo with the warbirds & Papa Smurf at the Keyhole

These Avalon Quick Cast episodes are being sponsored by Aviation Advertiser and supported by Red Baron and Temby Automotive.

4 comments to PCDU Episode 59: Avalon Not-So Quick Cast #6

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  • Greg Wilson

    Congratulation fellows.
    Fantastic effort putting together the Avalon Quickcast. Sorry I’m late with the praise but I was worn out just listening to you fellows go from interview to interview.
    Just too hard to find a favourite. I did find the interview with TVSA Pilot Training interesting as my son has just started a Advance Diploma of Technology (Aviation) at Swinbourne Uni. Sounds like the same VET FeeHELP structure on the CPL part of the course for both the Uni and TVSA.
    Again, a superb effort, you all deserve a well earned break, but not too long as I thoroughly enjoy listening to the podcasts.

    Cheers Greg Wilson

    PS Steve, I hope that wasn’t you visiting the bank in Sandringham the other night. ;-)

  • Steve and Grant,

    Wow, guys well done! I can’t imagine how much time you devote to your brilliant podcast.Do you guys really have day jobs? Don’t see how it’s possible. Your interviews and quick witted quips make the podcast fun and informative.

    Loved the video segments except for Grant’s ear wear. Sometimes the image cast by the podcast is better than the real deal. ;o)

    From a dedicated Airplane Geek who also enjoys your version of the English language and aviation reporting.

    Cheers! Jamie

  • Thanks for the support Greg & Jamie. The feedback & supportive comments really help us find the energy to keep the show going around day jobs (yes, we have them) and family :)

    Jamie: Well, you know, video killed the radio star :) :) :)



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