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Our Interview with Helene Young

Helene Young: Dash-8 Captain and Author

It’s taken a while but we’ve finally managed to release our interview with Helene Young, a Dash-8 captain with the regionals who has also written three novels following the adventures of two female pilots with the Australian border patrol in the far north of Queensland.

In addition to Helene’s chat, we also have Steve’s interview with Peter Sobey from Sharp Airlines, Grant’s chat with Chris Dewhirst (the first man to fly a hot air balloon over Mt Everest) and a new View from the Lounge.

Get on over to PCDU Episode 92: Helene Young – A Novel Approach to Flying and check it out!

Taking in ‘New Horizons’

Give Way to Balloons

Always give way to Balloons :)

Our latest episode is out and the ‘New Horizons’ we’re referring to are not all about Grant’s new hot air balloon pilot certificate (although he’d probably like it to be :) While we do chat briefly about it, the episode is packed with lots of great content that isn’t all hot air:

  • Bas & AntCB chat with Steve about iPad apps appearing in cockpits of all sizes
  • Bas answers AntCB’s questions about OzRunways
  • Pieter Johnson has sent us some interviews with Australians exhibiting at Farnborough
  • Peter Gibson from CASA talks about the new, easier Class 2 Medicals and also the shift from paper to electronic formats for the Flight Safety Australia magazine
  • We talk to Aviation Australia about their training courses and the Aviation Careers Expo
  • Grant interviews Alan Joyce (no, really!!!! :)

All this and more in PCDU Episode 91: New Horizons :)

Joining the 787 DreamTour in Melbourne

Update: Our 787 DreamTour ‘quick cast’ has been released. Check it out at PCDU Episode 88: Dreamtime

At the invitation of Qantas & Jetstar, we spent some time today exploring the 787 ZA003 with its demonstration customer interior. The aircraft is visiting Australia & New Zealand as part of the DreamTour and today’s leg brought it to Melbourne.

In addition to getting to walk around & through the aircraft, we had some time to enjoy the cockpit, record a great interview with Captain Todd Abraham from Boeing and also have some casual chats with a few of the Boeing Flight Test Engineers who were on the tour.

It was a great experience and we’d like to thank Boeing, Qantas & Jetstar for helping to make it happen.

Steve & Grant on the Flight Deck of 787 ZA003

You can see all the photos we took today in our PCDU Flickr Stream.

We’ll be releasing our chat with Todd in our next episode. Watch this space :)

Update: Our 787 DreamTour ‘quick cast’ has been released. Check it out at PCDU Episode 88: Dreamtime

Tyabb, Parafield, NatFly, Whew! :)

Steve wasn’t kidding when he said that “Autumn means Airshows” down here in Australia. We’ve been kept pretty busy lately with:

  • The Tyabb Airshow:
    Our full coverage of the show is in Episode 85 along with ATC Ben’s answers to a few interesting ATC questions. We’ve also just released Steven Pam’s excellent work producing our video coverage of the Tyabb Airshow (see below for the video).
  • The Parafield Airshow:
    Thanks to sponsorship from OzRunways, Steve was able to go to Adelaide to attend the Parafield Airshow 2012. We’ve just released our coverage of that in Episode 86 that went live a few days ago plus the guys at Five DME Adelaide put out a video of Steve interviewing Chris Sperou (see below).
  • NatFly at Temora:
    Steve flew BenAir (aka ATC Ben in a Warrior :) to get to Temora for the RA-Aus NatFly event. He spent a few days catching up with various exhibitors, RA-Aus folks and attendees to record interviews & learn what’s new in the Recreational world. We should be releasing that content in a few episodes.

Of course, Autumn isn’t over yet and there’s a few more events coming up that we’re trying to get to. We’ll keep you posted as our travel plans are confirmed but for now, we’ve got a big backlog of content were working through to bring you more PCDU-goodness :)

Our full Tyabb Airshow 2012 video coverage:
FiveDME Adelaide’s video of Steve interviewing Chris Sperou:

Going to NatFly?

The Easter long weekend will once again see members of the Recreational Aviation Association making their way to Temora, NSW for the NatFly 2012 event. Once again we’ll be in attendance recording interviews with exhibitors, attendees and organisers so we can produce another episode packed full of great RA-Aus content (like we did last year with Episode 63 :)

We’re planning to arrive on Friday & stay until later on Sunday so keep an eye out for the PCDU logo and if you see us, come on over & say HI.

A Day at Tyabb

Wanna know what the PCDU team was doing at the 2012 Tyabb Airshow??

Here’s a quick teaser……

Respect for the Replica Builders

Aviation has a rich & storied history with over 100 years separating our current complex, high speed & long range aircraft from those produced of wood, metal & fabric during our fledgling beginnings as we first pushed into the sphere of powered, heavier than air flight.

While grainy photos & stuttering films can try to convey a vista of the past, there is nothing like being able to walk around, touch & examine the aircraft as they were. You can truly appreciate how far we have come (and how brave our pioneers were) when you can see an aircraft from 100 years ago in the foreground while behind it sits a modern combat fighter.

Enter the replica builders. Dedicated men & women who have a dream of recreating the past so we can enjoy it today. Spending months & years researching a specific aircraft type (or even a single example), hunting through archives to find plans, drawings, specifications & photos. Sometimes going to great lengths to use materials, colours & techniques that were in use when the original was flying. Agonising over changes required to allow a replica to actually fly with some level of safety. Painstakingly creating components, building sections and assembling them into the completed aircraft.

Our latest episode (PCDU Episode 83: Replicate This!) contains interviews with a number of replica builders in Australia and the USA.

Yes, we are keeping up with Owen Zupp :)

We’re keeping up with Owen Zupp and so too can you by listening to Episode 82. Featuring a great chat with Owen about some of his latest projects, we also have a couple of great interviews Steve recorded in Mildura, a new segment from Pieter Johnson and more.

Episode 82's Cover Art

Click here to check out all the show notes for Episode 82: Keeping Up with Owen Zupp

Are you keeping up with Owen’s blog?

We’ve had Owen Zupp on our show a number of times, including our next episode that’s due out in a week or so. Aside from flying airliners, Owen also flies light aircraft (including a Jabiru around Australia), writes books & articles and is a lot of fun to chat with.

If you’ve been following our Facebook page for a while, you’ll have seen a number of entries there referring to posts on Owen’s new blog site at OwenZupp.com.

So just in case you’re not following us on Facebook, we thought we’d better let you know about the site here on our home page. If you’re not already keeping up with Owen’s new site, you should be. It’s got fantastic content that’s frequently updated and you don’t have to be a pilot to enjoy it :)

Episode 81 – An Infrequent Flyer Goes To Europe

Our first show for 2012 is hosted by Steve Visscher and Anthony Simmons.  Anthony recently travelled to the United Kingdom where he attended the Imperial War Museum at Duxford on their final flying display for 2011.  The theme centred around the Korean War, the aircraft that flew  and the people that flew them. Anthony presents a series of interviews from the day in his first major production for PCDU.

Click HERE to go to the Episode 81 Page