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PCDU Episode 7: Matt Hall, we’re not worthy!

This episode detours from our usual opinionated discussion of the news and instead features an interview we were fortunate enough to arrange with Matt Hall, an ex-RAAF F18 pilot who has flown the F15 on exchange with the USAF and is currently flying an MXS aerobatic aircraft in the RedBull AirRace. We were expecting to get a half hour or so to chat with Matt and were thrilled to discover an hour had passed before we all thought to double check the time.


The discussion ranges from Matt’s early days learning to fly through to his experiences with the RAAF and USAF then on to flying in the RedBull AirRace. Matt talks with us on many topics, including gliders, air-to-air refuelling, pylon hits and the dreaded bridge.Matt Hall - RAAF


We were delighted that Matt accepted our request for an interview and cannot sufficiently express our gratitude for his time. We’re looking forward to following his progress through the remaining races this year and chatting with him again at the end of the season.



You can find Matt on his home page, Wikipedia, FaceBook, Flickr and Twitter. Be sure to join up to follow his progress in the races and show your support.


14 comments to PCDU Episode 7: Matt Hall, we’re not worthy!

  • Veggie

    That was AWESOME! Great work gents!

    Looking forward to coming on for a chat soon, with a brand new ATC licence in tow!

  • Thanks Veggie – much appreciated. We had a lot of fun recording the interview and are glad people are liking it.

    Now to get you and your ATC learning experiences onto the show :)

  • Phil

    What a fantastic interview, very entertaining and offered a great insight into his background. I never knew he started off flying gliders, Blaniks even!! I started my flying in those gliders at RAAF Amberley back in the early 80’s and eventually got into aerobatics out of Bankstown. But he’s right about one thing, trying to buy an aircraft here is not the same as in the States, let alone flying in one as it’s getting so expensive. I think very few people can afford the luxury of a mortgage and the costs of learning to fly and that is very disappointing.

  • Hi Guys

    Great interview, hope Matt does well in the remaining races this year :)

    If you want to see Matt perform or attend our Dinner evening with Matt check out http://www.showusyawheels.com.au
    Dec 5th (dinner evening) Dec 6th (Aerobatic Display) Numurkah Victoria
    If anyone is interested in the Dinner evening please email us at showusyawheels@gmail.com

    Cheers guys ………. and keep up the great work :)

  • Phil….I agree completely ith your comments re. the cost of flying in Australia. This is what forced me out of flying, and has kept me out for so many years…and why we thought it important to include Matts comments on the subject.
    Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment. We really appreciate it.


  • Phil: I did my first gliding on Blaniks and still have a very special place for them. Amazingly fun to fly (especially through a loop :) and the trim felt just like a throttle so with trim in the left hand, stick in the right and tandem seating, it was *so* easy to believe you were in a combat jet :)

    Adrian: Thanks for the info re: the Show Us Ya Wheels event. I’ve added it to my calendar and will see how things are going around November re: getting out there for the dinner.

  • Great interview guys. It’s the best interview with Matt Hall I’ve ever heard, and great to see the guy get a little bit more local exposure.

  • Except for the fact that this show is performed entirely in the Australian language, I quite enjoyed it.

    Never really understood in-flight refueling until Matt explained it.

    BTW, did I tell you the story about how I did all the flying for the film, “Top Gun?” It is so true!

    Stop by Airplane Geeks and we’ll talk.

    Good show guys!

  • That’s OK Rob – the more languages you learn the better for you :)

    Now if only we could get Airplane Geeks to record at a more civilised time I could finally get on and chat with you about your Top Gun flying. Here I was thinking it was Hot Shots you were in :)

  • […] with our previous interview session with Matt, time blurs and we have a great time chatting and listening to his fascinating comments. […]

  • Jake Nicholas

    I was down at evans heads air show working with the mustang crew and was fortunate enough to spend the weekend and a few drinks at the pub with Matt Hall. great guy to know, even better, said he’ll come over for dinner and a chat after this season!

  • Cool! We really enjoy our time chatting with Matt and it was great to meet him last year up at Namurkah. One of these days I’m hoping to have enough $$$ so I can get a flight in that Mustang with him :)

  • […] the difference between arrogance & confidence. You can hear the full interview with Matt on Episode 7 of Plane Crazy Down Under.  Flying Down Under Episode 006 [7:52m]: Play Now | Play in […]

  • […] website. And, if you’re interested in learning a bit more about him, you can check out this hour-long podcast interviewing Matt. He can also be followed on […]

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