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PCDU Episode 22: Farewell 2009

It’s the Christmas & New Year holiday period, plus down here it’s Summer so we’re totally into listening to long aviation podcasts when we’re not distracted by having fun. So, for all of our listeners who have long drives or lots of chores to do around home, we give you our longest episode yet. With a bit of Christmas cheer, we produce just over two hours of PCDU goodness including an interview with Michael Gilmour from Downwind.com.au, our usual opinionated review of the news and listener mail. We also wrap up the year with a tip of the wing to the podcasts that inspire us and the guests who have helped give us some great content.

Here’s how the episode came together this time:

13 comments to PCDU Episode 22: Farewell 2009

  • Jeremy

    Good job guys. Glad to hear our episode is rating well!! Looking forward to a chat later this year….

  • Indeed – looking forward to hearing more great stories & adventures – hopefully we can keep more than half of them from the cutting room floor next time :) :) :)

  • Jeremy

    Yes grant. I have a lot of stories to share. I am a shit magnet for better or worse….

  • Hi guys
    I just finished listening to this episode. It pains me to say it, but your special thanks section at the end almost made me cry! The progression of listening to various podcasts paralleled my own.
    Love your podcast and keep it up. I’m a new student pilot (2nd lesson on Sunday!) and really like listening to the stuff on GA more than the airline industry but I’ll take it all!
    Keep it up and have a great 2010.

  • Hmmm, are you recording them all for later publication in your “Memoirs of a Console Jockey” ??? :)

  • Jeremy

    Saving it for my new podcast: “Plane uncrazy down under”

  • Hi guys. Well done on a brilliant year. I’m looking forward to sitting on the sidelines and watching you guys grow in 2010.

    You mention at 1:28 that you’re considering shutting off comments on this blog – I think this is a mistake… there are many people that won’t wander further afield than this page.

    Happy New Year!

  • Hi Guys,
    I enjoyed this episodes and well most of the other ones. Can’t wait to see what you come up with throughout 2010 (Jeremy Get Ready To Cough Up Your $50 When Episode 50 Comes Along, haha). Hopefully more stuff about what its like being a student pilot. Oh, and I agree with Marty above. Don’t get rid of the comments on the website.
    Anyway, all the best.
    Taking my TIF in the Eurofox next Saturday (16th). Wish Me Luck!


  • Jeremy

    Jack I will but being a poor controller I will hold onto till the lastminute, I need the interest

  • Jeremy

    As you can see I don’t proof read what I type, but I speak real good :)

  • OK – good point about not shutting off the comments – it was more along the lines of having the comments & forum linked some how so posts in one showed in the other. Definitely in the Too Hard basket for now.

    Jack: Good luck with the TIF

    Jeremy: What, you didn’t get an advance on your memoirs??? :)

  • Thanks Grant,
    I wont be hitting the skies on the 16th for my TIF unfortunately. I gave the aero club a ring but the Eurofox is due for maintenance but the guys that maintenance it are still of their new years break till the 22nd. Looks like next weekend yay!


  • Oh bugger. Gotta hate it when maintenance issues get in the way. Still, it should be worth the wait :)

    Let us know how you go.

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