PCDU Episode 12: It’s not that late in Adelaide…

Despite his better judgement, Bas Scheffers comes back to hang out with us once again as we discuss some of the news items from the past week or so. Topics of discussion in this episode include:

Please note that our sound effects come from SoundSnap.com and our theme music track is “YouNameIt5” by Brian Simpson (aka t3cat5).

4 comments to PCDU Episode 12: It’s not that late in Adelaide…

  • Great show this week, well done. And nice to have Bas back again. He’s a funny bugger, ain’t he? Did you have to butter him up to get him back on the show? :-)

  • Surprisingly, Bas came back of his own free will and without any major enticing. He must be a masochist or something :)

  • Chris

    Hey Guys,

    Great show, thanks for your work. I have one comment about episode 12 and one request in general.

    First, with regards to airline reservations, I have found a dirty little secret that the airlines here in the states won’t admit to (or at least I haven’t found anyone to admit to it yet). Sometimes when I am searching for a fare trying to find the best price I will go back to the same flight in the online booking system a number of times. I believe that the computer handling the online booking is programed to notice that there are a number of hits on the flight and so it must think that it is popular… so it ups the price of the flight. I have had this happen a few times, one time I had finally decided what flight a group of us were going to take, then I let the others know and by the 3ed person who went to book, the price had gone up…. for a flight that was 4 months away!! Don’t know if your airlines are using the same program… but it seems most of them around here are!

    Last, I am a private pilot in the states so I can usually figure out most of your abbreviations, but there have been a few that leave me scratching my head. I know that the podcasts I listen to from here have been mentioning your podcast, so there is a good chance you are getting a fair amount of us “Yanks” listening to your podcast, so if you can break down your abbreviations every now and then it would be great… for the record, you did do that with some of them over the last 2 shows and it helps quite a bit.

    Thanks again, I have enjoyed listening so far!

  • Hey no problem Chris! If you ever need clarification on those abbreviations, just drop us a line here and we’ll be glad to sort it out for you.

    Many thanks for listening and taking the time to write!



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