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PCDU Episode 15: And now for something completely different, here is the news

We’re back to being our opiniated selves with a backlog of news stories to work through and discuss. Once again Bas Scheffers joins us for some of the news and to discuss a number of RA-Aus items. From Beavers to Tigers and even Kiwi Skyhawks doing battle with bureaucracy, we cover a diverse range of topics including:

As usual, our sound effects come from SoundSnap.com and our theme music track is “YouNameIt5″ by Brian Simpson (aka t3cat5).

15 comments to PCDU Episode 15: And now for something completely different, here is the news

  • Jeremy

    Bas – leave the controllers alone! We don’t separate aircraft just on profile, that’s why we use requirements, amended routes, direct tracking, holding, vectors etc because you simply cannot sit and watch more than one conflict. If we did we would be making a lot of assumptions about aircraft performance and many pilots fly the same aircraft type very differently….
    Great episode guys

  • Jack

    next podcast please ;D !

  • Jeremy

    Don’t worry Jack I have a feeling the next episode will be something “special” – tell your friends

  • Jack

    Special -curious face- ?
    hmm I’m thinking it’s something to do with ATC Training And How To Become A ATC ect. hehe :D

  • Jeremy

    Jack though I cannot comment on upcoming podcasts that would be a good bet but it may be episode 17 :)
    ….well thats the rumour, has nothing to do with me!

  • Jack

    yeah i think Grant told me that it was “next epidsode” but that was episode 15 so hmmm…

  • “next”, or “a next”, you know, we lack certain organisational skills at times….

  • Jeremy

    Steve dont forget to edit out all those bits!, maybe you should release the “title”

  • Don’t worry mate. I’m very thorough with the editing…sometimes!

  • Jeremy

    Thats reassuring Steve! We will have to bribe you with a visit in the future….

  • I accept in advance. When can I can come????

  • Jeremy

    will organise sometime in the future…..takes a lot of “effort”!!

  • Mike

    OK, it’s now the November 10th and 9 days since episode 15. Where’s this rumoured episode 17? In fact, I’d even settle for episode 16

  • Hi Mike,

    Well, we average about 8 days between episodes if you look at the history of all 15 (plus the Oshkosh promo piece :) Some times it’s 4 days, other times it has been 14, but usually it’s around a week.

    You have listened to all the past episodes, haven’t you? Definitely worth checking out the past ones as there are some great interviews and discussions to check out.

    Meanwhile, you’ll be happy to know that we’re recording episode 16 tonight and will be releasing it soon(ish) & episode 17 shortly after. Hang in there :)

    Oh, if only we didn’t have to go & work every day. If only we could survive by doing the podcast. (places hand dramatically on forehead and looks at the donation button on the home page :) :) :) :)

    But seriously, we do what we can around work, families and the randomness of life. Hang in there and more great content is on the way.



    PS Given your email address, you wouldn’t happen to be from NZ are you? :)

  • Mike

    Tanitaniwha? What makes you say that? :-)

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