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Woo Hoo! We’ve hit 100 Episodes! Who Knew??? :)

Our 100th Episode – a Ton of great content

It’s taken us a while to get to Episode 100 since our first show went live WAY back in July 2009 but here we are! Woo hoo! Go us! :)

For this episode we’ve resisted the temptation to do a retrospective or rehash earlier content (except for a bit at the start & the end of the episode :) ). Instead, we’ve got an interview with Peter Meehan which includes some information about Avalon 2013, a chat with Matt Hall about a big event he’s organising (and an update on the RedBull AirRace) and Damien Rose discusses his recent Biennial Flight Review (BFR), now known as an Aeroplane Flight Review (AFR).

Of course there’s more to the show than just that, but you’ll have to listen to it to find out what that might be (or read the Episode 100 show notes :) )


Click here to go to the show notes & play the episode

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