PCDU Episode 11: Recreationally Yours

This episode we’re joined by Bas Scheffers, a Recreational Aviation Australia pilot (our version of the US Sport Pilot rules) who flies out of Parafield airport (YPPF) in Adelaide, South Australia. We have a great chat about flying RA-Aus aircraft, GAAP issues, the benefits of learning to fly under RA-Aus instead of the usual GA, the information available from the recreational flying community and even discuss the new AAAF Forum (Forum for free speech on industry: AAAF – Steve Creedy @ The Australian).

After our great chat with Bas, we move on to our usual opinionated regional news review which includes the following items:

Please note that our sound effects come from SoundSnap.com and our theme music track is “YouNameIt5” by Brian Simpson (aka t3cat5).

6 comments to PCDU Episode 11: Recreationally Yours

  • Another great podcast, guys! And the production quality is really, really good. I think we have some catching up to do!


  • Thanks Max. Most of our production hardware & software if stuff I’ve found out about from you, Courtney, or Podcast Answerman…who I was referred to by you!

  • Hi Steve and Grant,
    Terrific episode. I didn’t know much about the recreational side of aviation, and was very impressed with Bas’s depth of knowledge. He really made flying a lawnmower with wings sound quite appealing.

    Suggestion: You might have to give Rob some Didge lessons.

    Love your show, and the fine print at the end of it. :-)

    Regards, Doug.

  • Hi Doug,

    Thanks for the support although I think Bas may consider his aircraft a bit more than a lawnmower – that’s more like some of the aircraft I’ve been able to afford :) :)

    I’ve enjoyed flicking through your JuniorFlyer.com site and will be using the contents next time I fly with my son. He’s 12 so some of it may be a tad easy but there’s some good stuff in there that should help to amuse him for a bit :)



  • Hamish

    Hi guys. Just become a convert to the podcast, it’s great! Especially from an ex-RVAC pilot. Please keep up the good work :)

    Just a quick comment on this podcast…I am looking to get back into flying after an absence of around 13 years. I got 64 hours on PA28s and C172s up till 1997, then ran out of cash, halfway through nav training for PPL.

    Back around 1997, RAAus (then the AUF) was only just beginning and getting on it’s feet and I, for one, certainly didn’t see it as a viable alternative to GA training.

    Now in 2010, I realise that I won’t ever be getting a CPL/ATPL and just want to bum around in the air with the occasional passenger. RAAus seems ideal for this kind of thing.

    Thanks Bas for the info on RAAus. It reinforces my decision to go RAAus, knowing that I can go back to GA if I ever want to take up 2 passengers of go NVFR. Can’t wait to scrape some cash together and get back in the air… :)


    PS: now listening to the other podcasts!

  • Hi Hamish,

    RA-Aus is definitely the way to go if you’re hanging to get back in the air and haven’t got a lot of spare funds. For most people, it’s all the flying they’ll ever do. You’re certainly not the only ex-GA person returning to the air via RA-Aus :)

    Glad you’re enjoying the show and keep us posted with your return to the air.



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