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PCDU Episode 57: Avalon Quick Cast #4

We’re up to day 4 of the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition (aka Avalon 2011) and the general public are arriving as of today. The PCDU team are pushing through more interviews, catching up with old friends and meeting listeners. The content we selected for this Quick Cast includes:

  • An interview with a B1B pilot & systems operator
  • A chat Grant recorded with Squadron Leader Phil O’Donnell, the RAAF’s only permanent hot air balloon pilot
  • Catching up with Owen Zupp
  • Talking with Squadron Leader Louise Burr about base construction, administration & juggling family life with RAAF life
  • Today’s updates from Timbo & Papa Smurf on movements at the Warbird and Keyhole tarmacs

These Avalon Quick Cast episodes are being sponsored by Aviation Advertiser and supported by Red Baron and Temby Automotive.

2 comments to PCDU Episode 57: Avalon Quick Cast #4

  • Mac Coble

    I have really enjoyed hearing you on Airplane Geeks and now I have ventured virtually back down under… Air shows are great aye! We have one annually here in Jacksonville (Florida) . I try not to miss them. Great info, interviews and mates and friends from the continent-country that is down under but ever on the top of our list of friends in peace and war.

    My son is a H 60 R driver. I watched him grow up as my right seat now he is my left seat in weather. Go Navy.

  • Thanks for dropping us a line Mac, and thanks for the kind comments.

    We’ll have some footage very shortly taken inside the MH60R that the USN had at Avalon. I’m glad you’re enjoying our work at Airplane Geeks too. As you’re in Jacksonville, you can also catch us every second week on Flight Time Radio – Saturday mornings on WBOB 600am.


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