Introducing Damien Rose
Episode 95: Northern Exposure has been released at last! With so many chats & interviews from Oshkosh 2012 (& 2011 :) plus the introduction of a new Team PCDU member, it was a huge effort for Steve to edit it. Heck, even Grant had a lot to do when writing up the show notes.

In this episode, we tag along with ATC_Ben on his visit to Oshkosh 2012, discussing his journey there & listening to a few of the interviews he recorded (yes, we’re still jealous we couldn’t get there!). We then introduce long-time listener Damien Rose who’s joining us as our Queensland correspondent & lives about 2,000km north of PCDU HQ. Finally, we play a few of the interviews Steve & Grant recorded at Oshkosh 2011 to help us feel a bit better about not being there this year (nope, still jealous! :)

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