The team from the Pacific Airshow at Huntington Beach in California have come down under to stage the first Pacific Airshow Gold Coast event at Surfers Paradise in August, right around the corner as we release this episode. Steve and Grant will be attending the event to gather more content from the performers who will be displaying there, but in advance of the event, they’ve scored a couple of interviews for you to enjoy:

  • 2:52 – Kevin Elliott, CEO and Director of the Pacific Airshow chats with us about their events in the USA, the efforts they’ve gone through to bring the show to the Gold Coast and what attendees can expect while they’re at the event.
  • 23:14 – We catch up with Jeff Boerboon, the pilot and owner of the very distinctive Yak-110 aircraft, the merger of two Yak-55s with a turbine engine slung between them. He talks to us about his background in aviation, what inspired him to create this amazing machine, how they built it, what it’s like to fly and how he’s going flying it out of Southport airport for the event.


Voiceovers: Terry Daniel from Your Voice Over