They say that if you can’t see it, you can’t be it and that certainly seems to be the case with getting more women into aviation. The recently released documentary Touch the Sky seeks to help encourage more women to consider flying for fun and/or employment, particularly looking at the “soft” (aka “human”) issues that are part of the answer to the question: “Why are there so few female pilots?”

We also take a look at drone racing which was featured at the recent Avalon Airshow back in March. The Australian Defence Force is running racing events to encourage more young people to consider doing STEM training and also the potential for a career in Defence.

This episode consists of:

  • 1:22 Stephen Limkin is the director of Touch the Sky while Erin Douglas is one of the ladies appearing in the documentary. They talk to us about their experiences in aviation, the inspiration behind the film and what it was like making the film. Erin also talks about over coming her fears and self doubt to not only fly, but also become a flight instructor with RA-Aus.
  • 27:50 WGCDR Keirin Joyce steps us through the benefits and opportunities that drone racing brings the Australian Defence Force.
  • 36:49 PTE Hamish Glover steps us through the experience of drone racing and the equipment they’re using.


Image by: Light Studios

Voiceovers: Terry Daniel from Your Voice Over

Thanks to Australian Defence Magazine for allowing us to include the two drone racing interviews in this episode.