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PCDU Episode 65: Innovative Ideas

There’s no denying that aviation has been the home of many innovative ideas when it comes to aerodynamics, systems and so on. Sometimes we even get to hear about innovation in many of the business & training aspects of aviation and this episode is bringing us a few of them, from new ways to bring aviation education to kids through to recognising the need to store aircraft in the Asia/Pacific area. We also have a number of other content items including a few more of our Avalon interviews.

Eagle Microlight at Porepunkah

This episode contains:

  • Tom Vincent from Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage (APAS) talking about the new “boneyard” facility they are creating at Alice Springs in the middle of Australia
  • Angelina Morino from Aus Air Services joins us again to review their past year of operation and discuss their involvement with Brentwood College (Steve’s old high school) to provide aviation study to students. They’re also planning to extend this out to other high schools in the area. NOTE: As with Peter Dow at TVSA, it’s great to see local flying schools thinking outside the box to make it easier and/or cheaper to learn to fly)
  • Some more content from Avalon, including:
    • The crew of a KC135 tanker
    • Flying Officer Johnno Pearson on flying the F/A-18 Hornet
    • Flight Lt Liam Webler, a techo who helps to keep the F/A-18 Hornet in the air
  • Steve & Lisa Ruffles talk about their Eagle School of Microlighting at Porepunkah

The view of the runway and "ramp" at Porepunkah

We wrap up with the following Listener Mail and Shout Outs:

  • Miles Rados wrote in about gliding at Tocumwal
  • Toby Robb wrote in about Steve’s recent microphone levels and had some comments on our recent chat with Dick Smith
  • The Airplane Geeks podcast reaches episode 150 – well done, guys!
  • Kudos to the RAAF social media team for helping to promote our work via the “I love jet noise” Facebook page
  • There’s a new aviation podcast – The Stuck Mic AvCast – from the folks at The Pilot Report. They’re two episodes in and have been producing great content so far
  • PCDU can now be found on Stitcher & SlapDash Radio
  • Thanks to all those who’ve left feedback at the iTunes store – much appreciated and keep it up!
  • Don’t forget to check out our website where we’ve made some recent layout changes plus we’ve also been loading more videos on our YouTube channel.

iTunes Feed Glitch

Some of you may have experienced some problems downloading from our feed lately. This was all thanks to updating to the latest version of the PodPress plugin, unfortunately. It seems the latest version didn’t mix well with our site and started sending out broken URLs to each episode’s MP3 file in our RSS feed (we’re not the only ones to have experienced this).

The problem was fixed by rolling back to the previous version of the plugin, but for about 4 to 6 hours around New Years’ Day the feed was broken (episode description text was fine but the episodes wouldn’t download).

If you’re still experiencing a problem downloading our episodes, make sure you’ve got the latest version of the feed in your system. In iTunes, this means right-clicking (or cmd-clicking :) on the Plane Crazy Down Under podcast entry and selecting “Update Podcast.” This will force iTunes to download the most recent copy of the RSS feed file.

Once that’s done, retry the broken download and it should all work nicely.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for a fix from the PodPress developer and will, in future, try not to be amongst the first to try out a new version of a plugin :)

Spreading the Word

In addition to having our feed going through iTunes and our web site here, we’ve also gone to a number of other podcast listing sites, including Odeo, PodFeed.net and Podcast Alley.

Right now we’re waiting for some of them to approve the listing, but if you have a favourite podcast listing site that doesn’t have us included, let us know and we’ll try to get listed with them.

We’re on iTunes

After managing to jump through a few hoops, our podcast is now available through iTunes. You can find it under the Aviation section of the Hobbies & Games category. Woo hoo :)

Now to link our Twitter feed (@PCDU) with the blog, get the blog & podcast feeds on clearly marked on the blog, add an iTunes “subscribe” icon and get the look n feel sorted out.

Never a dull moment down under, that’s for sure :)