We’re on iTunes

After managing to jump through a few hoops, our podcast is now available through iTunes. You can find it under the Aviation section of the Hobbies & Games category. Woo hoo :)

Now to link our Twitter feed (@PCDU) with the blog, get the blog & podcast feeds on clearly marked on the blog, add an iTunes “subscribe” icon and get the look n feel sorted out.

Never a dull moment down under, that’s for sure :)

5 comments to We’re on iTunes

  • Gents:

    Assuming that you’re not going to be at Podapalooza at Oshkosh, please shoot me an MP3 file with a greeting and I’ll see if I can play it during Podapalooza to get you some PR.

    Best regards,

    – Steve

  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks – that’d be awesome. We’ll get something put together so we can virtually attend the Pod. Let us know the timings though – maybe we can pull a fly-by via Skype? :)



  • Hi Men. Congratulations on your first “Long play” Podcast. It was well done and I look forward to all your work.
    PPL – C172 from Essendon (YMEN)

  • Great take off fellas.

    Enjoyed the podcast, and that’s high praise coming from a trainspotter! I am not sure about the didgeredoo at the start, I think you need the opening credits of Fantasy Island with Hervé Villechaize saying, The Plane, The Plane. If his estate won’t let you use his voice, you can get Daryl Somers frequent impersonation from Hey Hey or Blankety Blanks.

    Happy flying!


  • David, thanks for the comments. I don’t know about the Fantasy Island intro though!

    This intro is only a temporary one. We’re considering replacing it with a professionally produced theme in the near future. The dideredoo was placed there to give the music a bit of a native feel, given that we think most of our initial listeners will be from the United States.

    Many thanks for listening and taking the time to leave a comment.



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