AusFly: What a Fantastic Event

We had a fantastic time at AusFly over the 14th to 16th of September at Narromine Airport. Our AusFly Radio was played live over the PA system and livestreamed to the Internet thanks to and our Shoutcast feed.

Congratulations to all the organisers & volunteers from the SAAA who helped make it happen, along with the sponsors, exhibitors & display pilots plus all the people who showed up to attend the event. With over 300 aircraft pre-registered it was estimated that over 400 aircraft flew in. The aero club produced over 500 meals on the Friday night in addition to the pizza guy selling out & the burger n chips cart doing a roaring trade. Fantastic!

Now the planning starts for next year’s event. Bring it on!

2 comments to AusFly: What a Fantastic Event

  • Congratulations guys! This was a big undertaking.

    I managed to listen to Friday’s live shoutcast, but unfortunately missed Saturday’s (mostly due to going flying – so I hope you’ll forgive me!). It sounded great, and was nice to feel a little bit connected to what was going on.

    I hope to get there in person next year! Maybe even fly up.

    Congrats again and thanks.


  • Thanks mate, we had a lot of fun making it happen. Going flying is indeed a suitable excuse :)

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