Taking in ‘New Horizons’

Give Way to Balloons

Always give way to Balloons :)

Our latest episode is out and the ‘New Horizons’ we’re referring to are not all about Grant’s new hot air balloon pilot certificate (although he’d probably like it to be :) While we do chat briefly about it, the episode is packed with lots of great content that isn’t all hot air:

  • Bas & AntCB chat with Steve about iPad apps appearing in cockpits of all sizes
  • Bas answers AntCB’s questions about OzRunways
  • Pieter Johnson has sent us some interviews with Australians exhibiting at Farnborough
  • Peter Gibson from CASA talks about the new, easier Class 2 Medicals and also the shift from paper to electronic formats for the Flight Safety Australia magazine
  • We talk to Aviation Australia about their training courses and the Aviation Careers Expo
  • Grant interviews Alan Joyce (no, really!!!! :)

All this and more in PCDU Episode 91: New Horizons :)

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