Imagine a hoard of RV-6s & RV-7s flying in close formation and performing solo & pair aerobatics. Sounds intense? Well, wait for the Pacific Airshow at the Gold Coast to find out how it looks & sounds. Meanwhile, Mark Newton is one of the pilots in the Freedom Formation and he talks us through his aviation history, his aircraft and the genesis of the show. All this plus a flying car and our Maine Man Micah sends through some audio to include. Check out how it unwinds below :)

  • 02:10 Mark Newton talks about his flying background, his RV-6 and the Freedom Formation.
  • 16:50 We continue our chat with Mark and discuss the Pacific Airshow being held in August on the Gold Cost.
  • 25:55 Lets talk flying cars with Jacky Yang about the Pegasus which blends the needs of road rules with CASA’s rules for the air.
  • 37:36 Micah Engber has sent through a piece welcoming PCDU back to the airwaves with references to the great land down under.

Cover image thanks to the Freedom Formation