Welcome to Plane Crazy Down Under, an aviation podcast with a focus on the Asia/Pacific area. Produced by Steve Visscher of the AusFlier blog and Grant (Falcon124) McHerron of the Fly Me Friendly blog, Plane Crazy Down Under will feature discussions about aviation news, interviews and anything else we think is suitable for an aviation podcast in this part of the world.

The idea for this podcast came to us when we had been producing the “Australia Desk” segment for the Airplane Geeks weekly podcast and finding that, in the process of editing our sessions down to 5-7 minutes in length, lots of stories and discussions were being dropped. It wasn’t long before we realised that all this material could be made into a podcast of our own and thus, Plane Crazy Down Under was born.

We’re still going to be editing down a 5-7 minute “best of” from each podcast to make the “Australia Desk” segment for the Geeks. After all, we’d be mad to miss out on the exposure we get from all their listeners and they’re a lot of fun to work with :)

For now, the site is active and the first episode is about to be uploaded. In the near future we’ll have the podcast set up properly so you can subscribe to it in your favourite podcatcher. We’ll also get the site looking a LOT better when we get a chance.

Feel free to post comments here in the blog or contact us via planecrazydownunder@gmail.com. We’d really like to get your feedback on what you like, what we’re doing wrong and any ideas you might have for content, interviews, etc.