There are plenty of beaches in Australia and many cities have an “Eye in the Sky” traffic reporter giving commuters updates on where the bottlenecks are, but what if you could provide traffic reports plus beach reports, all while logging hours? Our voice-over guy, Terry Daniel, steps out of the recording booth and into the studio to chat with Steve & Grant about doing just that in the skies over Coffs Harbour, a beautiful tourist city on the New South Wales North Coast.

Terry talks about his experiences flying twice a day, every day, in all types of weather to bring Radio 2CS listeners the latest info on which beaches had the best breaks, which to avoid due to sharks or bluebottles, and how the roads were looking. He also tells about some of his more interesting experiences with passengers, folks on the beach, weather and a low flying RAAF F-111.

We wrap up the chat with a discussion about Terry’s AIR News Media organisation that provides news headlines for radio stations around Australia. It’s also where you can occasionally hear Steve’s dulcet tones reading the news.

As if all that wasn’t enough, we also have a mailbag item from Mark Newton and a shout-out to Redhome Aviation’s Instagram page which features photography of military traffic around Tinker AFB in Oklahoma, USA.

Cover art images for this episode were supplied by Rob Cleary (Seen Australia), Bruce Linwood and Terry Daniel.