Grant & Steve produce a weekly “Australia Desk” segment for the Airplane Geeks podcast that provides some news & information from down under. It’s usually presented with a bit of a cheeky theme and makes use of Steve’s extensive sound effect library. That’s the usual process and we have a blast doing it for the guys over in the USA.

Recently, however, we were too tired to make an episode so Max Flight invited us to join the Geeks and record live with them. The results are, suffice to say, hillarious and their guest, Karlene Petitt, demonstrated true mettle by not only sticking around to record with us but joining in the fray.

So if you’ve not already heard the episode, go and check out Episode 96: Karlene’s Flight to Success and you’ll hear a great interview with Karlene, Grant & Steve joining in the fun for the news review and a set of out takes at the end of the show that go longer than entire episodes of some podcasts :)