Are you one of the many people who have been enjoying this podcast and want to help ensure it grows and continues into the future? Well, we certainly appreciate your intent and would like to work with you to make it happen (funny that :)

Here are three great ways that you can help us to keep bringing in the fun & interesting content for you:

  1. Donate: If you’ve got a few spare dollars, donating them to a worthy cause is always a wonderful thing. In the absence of a suitably worthy cause, please consider clicking on the big yellow “Donate” button and sending some to us. Even $5 helps if enough of you do it. We’re trying to get an advertising system set up but it’s early days and we’re not sure if it will ever work out, so donations really help.
  2. Put up our Flyer: We’ve created a nifty flyer that promotes our podcast and is intended to be put up on notice boards around the world. It’s already showing up in a few flying clubs, flight schools, pilot shops and airport cafes around Australia. If it’s not appearing where you work, fly or hangout, why not download our flyer (150k PDF), print out a few, put them up around the place and maybe even send us a photo. Don’t forget to ask permission first before you put them up, just in case :)
  3. Tell your friends: As the guys at the Airplane Geeks podcast keep reminding us, another great way to boost listener numbers and help keep Steve & Grant motivated is to “tell your friends about our podcast”

Feel free to contact us if you have some other suggestions for helping us to grow and keep the fun happening. We certainly don’t have all the answers but are enjoying finding a few new ones as we go along.

Download, print & distribute our flyer
Download, print & distribute our flyer