This episode we dip into aviation’s rich & storied history as we chat with a few replica builders who are working hard to preserve our access to our fledgling beginnings as we first pushed into the sphere of powered, heavier than air flight.

PCDU Episode 83: Replicate This!

(show title image supplied by Project 2014)

This episode includes:

  • Bristol Military Boxkite flying replica being built by Geoff Matthews & Ron Gretton AM
  • BE2a static replica being built by Andrew Willox.
  • Richard Gardner, Charman of the Trustees at the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust
  • Replica of Eugene Ely’s Curtis Pusher by Bob Coolbaugh& Andrew King
  • The Barnstorming Movie with Paul Glenshaw & Andrew King followed by a chat with Paul about the Wright Brothers movie he has reassembled