It’s time to dig into the recently released Defence Strategic Review to assess its impacts on the Australian Defence Force from an aviation perspective. For this episode we’re joined by award winning defence and aerospace journalist Andrew McLaughlin, who helps assess the changes we can expect to see over the next few years.

A big change is the focus on long range strike and missiles for RAAF, Navy and Army to help keep potential adversaries at a distance. We also touch on the lack of news regarding additional F-35s or MQ-4C Tritons, the B-21 Raider being ruled out (for now) and Army’s transition from ARH Tiger and MRH-90 Taipan to AH-64 Apache and UH-60M Blackhawk.

We also ask where we’ll get enough people from to crew all the platforms, look at the types of drones we’re likely to have and the focus on hypersonics and other advanced technologies under AUKUS Pillar 2. There’s a lot to dig into so this episode is a double-length special, running for almost an hour, but that’s what the pause/resume button is for, right? :)

Cover image thanks to Seth Jaworski.