With the recent release of the Defence Strategic Review by the Australian Federal Government, a major focus has been put on long range missiles for use by Army, Navy and Air Force to deter a potential adversary from approaching our island continent and/or blockading our ocean supply routes. With this in mind, we release an interview recorded at Avalon 2023 with John Fry, general manager of Kongsberg Defence Australia, covering their National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile, their Naval Strike Missile, its Coastal Defence System variant, and the Joint Strike Missile for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Following Kongsberg, we present a discussion with Mark Robinson, head of Air Traffic Management at Frequentis Australasia. We cover their latest remote digital tower technology and its applications in civilian and military markets. It’s certainly a technology that could be of great use to Airservices here in Australia as well as to the RAAF’s 44WG who provide Air Traffic Control at military air fields and bases.

The two discussions can be found at the following points in the episode:

  • 03:35 John Fry at Kongsberg.
  • 20:18 Mark Robinson at Frequentis Australasia.

Cover image thanks to Stefan Kalm via AP