RAAF Air Pilgrimage at Point Cook

On March 31st the RAAF Air Pilgrimage fleet arrived at the RAAF Museum at Point Cook after spending three days flying from Temora to Tocumwal to Ballarat and then to Pt Cook. Celebrating the 90th birthday of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), the flight consisted of warbirds, antiques and GA Aircraft.

We were onsite at Pt Cook for the arrival of the aircraft and recorded a number of discussions with people on the flight line. You can hear the full content in Episode 61: The Great Pilgrimage, see some of the photos we took on our RAAF Pilgrimage Flickr page and watch a summary video below:


Plane Crazy Down Under's RAAF PILGRAMAGE 2011 photoset Plane Crazy Down Under’s RAAF PILGRAMAGE 2011 photoset

2 comments to RAAF Air Pilgrimage at Point Cook

  • Chris M

    Hey Steve,

    According to your last show, today (or a day either side) must be your 40th birthday. Happy Birthday!

    If thats so, you share the exact day with me! Born 17 April 71. Being 40 is not that scary!

    looking forward to the next show and more on GA/RA.


  • Hi Chris

    Mine was April 13th, and yes, I’ve crossed over that magical barrier of 40. So far so good!

    Thanks for your kind wishes, and thanks also for listening. More GA/RA coming up soon!



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