Our Tribute Episode to the F111 is out!

Steve & Grant standing behind F111C, A8-134

Our F111 Tribute Episode (Episode 51: Pig Out!) has been released and is getting great reviews. It’s packed with awesome content from our visit to RAAF Amberley and covers pilots, maintainers and simulator staff as well as a speach by the CO.

(Click on the image to view a larger copy)

6 comments to Our Tribute Episode to the F111 is out!

  • Chris Hamilton

    I heard that you guys intervied Monika Petrillo last year. Will this interview be on a future Plane Crazy episode?

  • Hi Chris.

    You’re correct! We have recorded an interview with Monika, and we hope to have it released some time in February. We’re in the process of organizing some additional content to go with her interview, and once that’s completed, the show will be out there for you.



  • Thanks having us aboard for the tribute to the mighty pig!

    I enjoyed the chat and playing a small a part of the F-111 retirement episode with you.

    Best wishes

    Brendan Cowan

  • Thanks Brendan. We really enjoyed chatting with you and could have gone for a much longer chat if there’d been time :)

  • John Park

    Have you heard, the aviation heritage museum in Perth is giving private inside tours of their WW2 Lancaster Bomber. Very cool

  • Hi John,

    Hadn’t heard that one but that’s very very cool!. I recall being outside one at MOTAT in New Zealand but never got to go through it. I did get through the Sunderland thanks to being there with my father but getting inside a Lancaster is definitely worth paying for :)



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