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We’re interviewed on Erk Pod

In the relatively quiet time between Christmas & New Year, Erk from the Erk Pod podcast bravely travelled down from Sydney to Melbourne, seeking sites to enjoy, experiences to be had and southern podcasters to interview. Having found PCDU a few months earlier, Erk asked if we wanted to be interviewed about the podcast, how it came to be and what’s involved in keeping it running. Who were we to say no to some publicity? :)

The results can be found at Erk Pod Episode 236 and it’s worth listening to for some insight into what goes into making PCDU is produced each week.

8 comments to We’re interviewed on Erk Pod

  • Mike

    I tried hooking into ErkPod through itunes to check out your piece and while I found ErkPod alright, the latest podcast was at least 6 months old. What’s the go there?

  • It was a repost of his first interview with the person he interviewed after us. He posted the current interview a bit later in the feed (I think – haven’t had a chance to listen yet :)

  • His iTunes feed is not working for some reason. You can download it directly off his website though – http://www.channelerk.com

  • Mike

    It’s been broken for a while. Obviously iTunes isn’t needed for them if it’s been this long Thanks any how Fellas. I’ll give it a crack

  • Thanks for the interview, Grant & Steve. Thanks Mike also for the feedback regarding the iTunes feed not working. I think I have now solved that issue at my audio host’s end that I was unaware of until recently. I also have RSS options as well as a 5 in 1 feed that downloads all my shows and that’s how I get my shows.

  • The feed seems to be working fine – I got the latest ErkPod episode without any hassles :)

  • Grant, it depends on how you get it. The RSS feed is working fine so that means many people can get it ok by itself or in the 5 in 1 feed. It is the iTunes feed that I found was broken (thanks, Mevio!) so I have pulled the iTunes feed down and re-submitted it.

    I just had a look at the stats for the episode and it has blown anything I have done by myself lately out of the water!

  • Cool – glad we helped boost the stats :)

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