Running late, but not gone

This is a quick update for everyone who reads the blog & doesn’t just grab episodes via their podcatcher software (Hi gang! Great to have you here :)

We’re working on a couple of episodes at the moment, one of which we’re recording later tonight and should have out in a few days depending on:
a: How well the recording flows – we try to get rid of the “hang on, what was I going to say?” moments for you
b: How much time Steve gets to do the post production work

You see, Steve works wonders in post production to tidy things up, blend them together and make it all sound coherent and cool (let’s face it, anyone who can make me sound good has to have talent :) As any podcast producer can tell you, the post-production work can easily take 2 to 3 times as long to complete as the episode took to plan & record. Well, it does if they’re trying to make it sound professional.

We’ve also got a great discussion we recorded recently that’s almost ready to release and it will come out shortly after the next episode (yes, it’s the dreaded Episode 17!). To give you a hint, it talks about showers & learning. Can you guess it?

Doing this podcast around the demands of our day jobs does slow us down and make it tricky to get time for planning, recording and producing. We’ve also had the recent distractions of flying around the place in a DC3 and my aerobatics session in a Yak-52. Don’t worry, we’ll be releasing the recorded sounds & discussions from these events shortly. Of course, that’s what I’ve been saying about my work on the Dawn Patrol recordings too – sorry, my bad :(

The upshot of all this is that we’re working to get the next few episodes out and have plans for many more. We certainly they’ll be worth the wait :)



8 comments to Running late, but not gone

  • Jack

    O.o showers & learning ?

  • Jeremy

    Are they teaching people to shower before flights so we don’t have to put up with bad B.O.?

  • Well, there was that study we reported on that found that stinky, noisy pax were the most hated :)

  • Love the show guys. Don’t let up on Rob! Grant, would you mind if I lift the Yak-52 startup audio for another podcast?

  • You’re right about how long podcast post-production can take. Just for fun, I was thinking about doing an Airplane Geeks episode straight through with no editing. I haven’t talked to the other guys about it, but what do you think? I tell you what: you go first and then we’ll decide!

  • Hey Stu – go for it with the Yak engine sound – just attribute where it came from (all our stuff is under a share-alike, non-commercial, by-attribution creative commons license.

    We’re planning to create a library of sounds all available under creative commons license. This would include the Yak-52, DC-3, P-40, Harvard, etc.

    Let me know if you want the original of the Yak-52, including the failed start on the first go :)

  • Gee Max, I dunno if we’re that brave. I think it’s only the UCAP guys who go “natural” :)

  • Stephen

    Great episode guys. I love the depth of information on the content. Take care and keep up the good work

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