Those of you who’ve been following our site prior to now will notice that we’ve (finally) revamped the site’s theme, moving from something bland and hard to follow to a much better layout and colour scheme. We’ve also highlighted the iTunes subscription and RSS feed links towards the top right hand side of the page. This should help to address the hassles some folks have had finding our feeds.

Unfortunately, our next episode is going to be a little delayed. While we usually try to release one every week, this week is proving difficult. Steve’s had a hard drive failure on the machine he uses to record & edit the podcasts and Grant’s burning the candle at both ends (and the middle) at his day job. Throw in Steve’s work putting him on night shifts for the next few days and it’s going to be difficult for us to synch up to record.

That said, we should be recording the next episode (#6) in a few days and expect that it will be ready for release by the weekend. We are at least getting the Australia Desk segments done for the Airplane Geeks podcast. Fortunately, they’re easier to record, remix and get out to the world.

Stick with us and your patience will be rewarded as episode #6 promises to have lots of news, commentary and an interview. Don’t forget to subscribe via our entry in iTunes or point your podcatcher software at the podcast feed. You can also subscribe to the full blog feed and get the episodes as well as general postings like this one.