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PCDU Episode 28: Save the Liberator

The B24 Liberator was the most produced heavy bomber of World War 2 and saw service in all theaters of the war. The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) flew B24s along side those of the USAAF, based in northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. These aircraft flew long range missions of many hours duration, typically without fighter escort. Providing bombing, maritime patrol and transport services, the advanced & complicated B24 was, perhaps, the unsung hero of heavy bomber operations.

Very few of these aircraft still exist (see the list of remaining B24s) and in Australia, only a single example remains. It is currently being restored by a group of dedicated and passionate individuals, many of whom flew B24s during or immediately after the war.

Based in Werribee, just outside Melbourne, the Australian B24 Restoration project is definitely worth visiting and supporting. We were fortunate to visit the team, admire the aircraft and interview John Temby (President of the association) and Ed Crabtree (ex B24 pilot). Another trip down is currently being planned and we expect to have more great content from the restoration team in a later episode.

4 comments to PCDU Episode 28: Save the Liberator

  • Interesting concept.  Since I have been researching the B-24 for more than 20 years, I did find that David had a couple of the facts on the aircraft a little wrong, but it is an interesting report and it’s always good to hear what veterans have to say about those times.  What David couldn’t remember when put on the spot was that there were 19,256 B-24s of all models built.  It was nice to hear from Ed Crabtree who was a great help to me when I wrote my first B-24 book back in the late 1990s.

  • Thanks for your comment, Bob. We’ll keep you posted about our next trip to the project and see if we can’t get you on the phone for a discussion about the B24′s history as part of the episode.

  • JMW

    Bob I would like to contact you. You have commented about David’s facts being a little wrong. You have published as fact information that I believe is possibly not correct but was at the time accurate to the best of your knowledge. Your research/verifaction of facts did not reveal the information you needed.

  • Hi JMW – I’ll pass on your comments to Bob and let you know what he comes back with :)

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