Steve & Grant are always working hard to get new content for Plane Crazy Down Under episodes. We talk with organisations & individuals to get leads on content that our listeners will enjoy. Yet for every group or person we talk to there are scores that we miss out on. It’s just not possible to be everywhere and find everyone.

So, through the power of crowd sourcing, we’re looking to our listeners to help us get new content. Do you, or someone you know, have aviation stories to tell. Maybe you work in aviation or had an amazing flying experience? How about a “There I was…” story? Know anyone who works restoring aircraft or building new ones? What about those people who have been there & done that, hung out with Smithy, went flying with Nancy, or were otherwise an integral part of the aviation history in Australia or New Zealand?

We’re looking for content from:

  • RA-Aus
  • Experimental aviation
  • GA content
  • Airlines
  • Military
  • Exteme sports
  • Lots more

If it involves aviation and happens in the Australasian area, we want to know about it.

You can email us on, you can call Grant on (+61) 422 914 949 or you can send us a pre-recorded audio file that we can edit & include in the show.