PCDU Episodes:

Here is a full list of all PCDU Episodes since #1 back in 2009. Click on a title to visit the episode page & download or listen to the episode from there.

Pickup has moved to DropBox.com

In the past we would put copies of interviews & other content on our Pickup Site for review prior to release (it used to be pickup.planecrazydownunder.com in case you were wondering :). This courtesy service allowed those folks we’d been talking to/about to ensure we hadn’t misquoted them or included content that, in hindsight, they’d rather not publish.

These days we’re using DropBox.com for access to review copies so we’ve decided to shut down our Pickup Site as DropBox.com is typically a lot easier to manage & access plus it saves space on our server which helps make our site faster :)

If you’ve reached this page it’s because you have tried to access a file on our old Pickup Site. To get the file you were looking for, please Contact Us and we’ll sort out access for you.