If you’re interested in submitting content to us or even appearing on the show with us, please do email us and let us know. We’re always up for a chat with folks out there and enjoy receiving aviation content that we can include in our episodes.

Sending us content

  • We prefer to receive your content in MP3 format (96kb/s max rate) although we can decode other formats (it’s just MP3 is so easy and compact :)
  • Send it to us via email or email us if you think it’s going be too big and we’ll arrange an online drop space for you to use.
  • Do what you can to record in a quiet area with good equipment but hey, in the end it’s the content that counts – besides, some of Falcon124’s first efforts were pretty poor quality on all counts :)

Recording with us

  • We like having guests on with us when we record a show – mostly because it’s great to interact with people but also because it helps provide a bit of variety for our listeners :)
  • If you want to come on, please do email us and we’ll sort something out.
  • We typically record about 21:30 to 23:30 (or later) due to work & family commitments (that’s 10:30Z to 13:30Z depending on Daylight Savings Time)
  • You don’t have to be on for the whole show as we can record your bit and then let you escape back to reality

Skype recommendations

  • Update to latest version – currently 4.2 for Windows, 2.8 for Mac, 2.1 for Linux
  • Broadband as a minimum, preferably ADSL 2+ or cable – No Dialup!
  • Hardwired connection to router (eg: don’t use WiFi between your laptop & your router – get a network cable and plug in)
  • High speed computer and the more RAM the better
  • PC headset preferred, wired, not wireless (or cool microphones like we use :)

The official/legal stuff