Episode 81 – An Infrequent Flyer Goes To Europe

Our first show for 2012 is hosted by Steve Visscher and Anthony Simmons.  Anthony recently travelled to the United Kingdom where he attended the Imperial War Museum at Duxford on their final flying display for 2011.  The theme centred around the Korean War, the aircraft that flew  and the people that flew them. Anthony presents a series of interviews from the day in his first major production for PCDU.

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2 comments to Episode 81 – An Infrequent Flyer Goes To Europe

  • Mike Williamson

    Hey Anthony, nice work on those interviews from the Old Dart. You were a pro. I don’t know if you’ve had experience in interviewing before but it sure seemed like you have and I thought you asked some nice questions. Thanks for sharing.

    By the way Visscher, I heard those out takes from the Geek’s podcast last week. Just remember, which team hold the Rugby World Cup, Bledisloe Cup (for 10 years straight) and is the only National Team to have a winning record against all the Rugby Test playing Countries. (yes I know you were baiting me and I’m falling into your trap)

  • Bwahaha! I aim to please, Mr. Williamson.

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