The Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” is branching out further and further around the globe lately as the evaluation programme continues.

With the recent entry into service of the type with launch customer All Nippon Airways, interest has intensified in our region with Air New Zealand, QANTAS & Jetstar eagerly awaiting deliver of their airframes.

On Friday, November 11th,  Dreamliner N787BA,  completed a 13 hour 40 minute transit from Seattle, crossing the Pacific and arriving into Auckland with Air New Zealand Chief Pilot Captain David Morgan and 30 Boeing test & evaluation staff aboard .  The aircraft made a low pass over the city before landing at AKL.

The aircraft will stay in New Zealand for a few days before heading across the Tasman to Sydney.

Listener Daniel Talbot was there for the big event and has kindly shared these pictures.  You can find more of Daniels photography at